Benefits of wholesaling?

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I'm starting out in the real estate investing world and interested in buy and hold properties, I'm aiming towards buying small multi family homes that need some rehab to eventually rent them out. However, I'm curious what do some see as the benefits of buying from wholesalers versus working with a realtor through the MLS? Has anyone had more success one way or the other? Thank you!

Buying from a good wholesaler, benefits:

Your final spend buying the house sould be FAR below then what you would have paid through an agent.

It is as simple as that.

The drawbacks though...

An agent is on your side to make sure the right due dilegence as been performed. There are sooo many things a GOOD agent can save you from when buying a house.

That said, this holds true IF you are dealing with a GOOD wholesaler on that one side of the rainbow and a GOOD agent on the other end.

Now, with a bit of knowledge and research it is a good idea to buy from a wholesaler as long as you do your due diligence .

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