Sold Listings - Filtering by type of financing

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Does anyone know if a place exists where I can filter out transactions that aren't cash financed? Preferably free. I want to see where the cash activity is happening in my city and possibly contact the cash buyers. Thanks.

You can maybe use prop stream, but that is a service you pay for. I have seen you posting a few times. Are you a new wholesaler starting out?

@Ray Danishyar Yessir. I just recently began studying wholesaling. I've sent out some postcards to a D4D list so far, and found a few cash buyers. I'm do plan to send out 1000 handwritten letters within the next couple months though. (not personally written but autopen)

You might want to consider doing this digitally surprisingly it’s way cheaper than driving for dollars and postcards.

Exactly where I'm at in NE Texas-- asked a realtor to run last 90 days all-cash buys and said couldn't do it

... So after reading a bp article about what title companies can do, I'm looking to build relationships with a couple receptive ones in town and they could provide that 'quid pro quo' info... 

A really rudimentary way is to just filter a really low dollar amount, e.g. <$150k since they are likely cash deals...  Definitely following and encouraged someone else is where I'm at (even though I've got 27 doors there is ZERO system so wholesale is where I'm starting to build processes, delegate and create some traction).

Are cash purchases targeted more by people looking to buy properties? ie, do we get more "I want to buy your house" letters because we purchased them with cash? Doesn't seem like that would matter but...