What Insurance company do you use to insure your properties?

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Coming up on the new year and I am going to shop my insurance policies as I have 7 properties plus auto plus umbrella. Who do you use for your insurance? I currently use Farmers and an insurance broker to insure my properties. Thanks and Happy Holidays to everyone on Bigger Pockets! Todd

Many  answers  to this, search the  threads .

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I use State Farm, try this link find a agent near you https://www.statefarm.com/agent/

@Todd Schmitz a few points to help your search.

1)  Insurance options very greatly state to state and are even price differently within a city. 

2) most personal lines companies max out on the # of rentals you can include @ 4-5

That being said, I would refine your questions to ask

1)  Which insurance company in CO do you use for home and auto

2)  Which insurance company do you use for (describe the types of rentals) in CO

@Todd Schmitz Hey Todd, I am partially biased because I own a Farmers Agency so I use Farmers for my home and auto. I did actually compare and shop my auto around before I decided to go with my own agency. Reason being I too want to save money if at all possible.

When it comes to my rental properties I could have gone through Farmers (max of 4) however they own another carrier called Foremost. Foremost specializes in insuring rental properties, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and all the other toys you can own. Around half of the policies they insure are rentals around the US. 

They insure all of my out of town investors and even insure out of country investors. I suggest asking your current Farmers agent to quote your rentals through Foremost.  Tell your agent you want the DP-3 platinum package it was built by Foremost specifically for rental properties. 

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