Investor friendly insurance agent near tacoma

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Just bought a flip house in Gig Harbor. I'm out of state and had planned to use my brother's agent (it's a jv with him), however, his agent isn't returning either of our calls. If this is their customer service when we're trying to get coverage I don't want to know what turning in a claim would be like.

Any recommendations? 

I've been searching the forums, but it's not productive on my phone.

Hey @Account Closed if the agent doesn't adequately serve your needs I suggest going out and finding a more business hungry agent that will return calls and emails usually a threat to leave motivates an agent to work. Good thing is that if there was a claim most likely you wouldn't have to deal with that agent at all. Agents are sales department and claims are claims department. While agents have an invested interest in their sales, they do not handle much of the claims process. We simply help to get the claim started and monitor the progress and your satisfaction through the process. Hopefully your with a company that has a great claims department.