Insuring an owner occupied duplex

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My wife, sister-in-law and myself purchased a duplex.  We live in one side, she lives in the other side.  We can't seem to find homeowners insurance which can comprehend this arrangement.  We have tried traditional homeowners insurance through State Farm and Farmers and this arrangement seems to be beyond the comprehension of their software.  Any suggestions?

Find an Independent Agent in your area.  They have the ability to shop many carriers to find those that will take the risk.  If you're in Texas or Colorado, I can help you.

@Kevin Kelleher

Speaking from a former insurance salesman in Texas, I can feel your pain haha. The problem (I'm assuming) is not that they the software can't comprehend it, it's that it probably doesn't meet their underwriting guidelines. Age of the home might be an issue, non-married person being on the deed, etc. If you're still struggling with this, shoot me a message and I'll see if I can't help you out or get you in touch with someone that can. Best of luck sir!