Home insurance company threatening to cancel

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My insurance company is threatening to cancel my home insurance if I don't install auto shut off valve within few weeks. Earlier I had a plumbing leak that was very well taken care of and remediation work was done with the help of insurance . After everything was restored to it's previous state the insurance company offered me a 'freebie' to install auto shut off valve with the help of a water security company referred by them.
While I did proactively follow-up with the water security company it was very challenging for both me and the water security company to find a professional who can do such specialzed work involving sensors.
I spoke with the insurance broker and they told me there is not much they can do except end up paying a higher premium to the newer insurance company if my current insurance company cancels the policy.I now feel being penalized for no mistake of mine.Appreciate any advice from experienced members here.

Thank you.

Most newer auto shut offs don’t require any sensors. They can tell when there’s zero pressure on the house side and just turn off. Great for stopping clothes washer leaks and toilet supply line leaks. (I’ve had 2.). If they’re willing to give you a free shutoff valve go to any plumber and have it installed. If you have to buy your own from any decent plumber figure out how fast it will pay for itself with lower premiums. 

I’ve seen several insurance companies cap water damage coverage lately, I had to switch because own capped their liability at 30k and I’ve exceeded that twice with my toilet supply line leaks. It’s also a good tie to search for other companies anyway, but I wouldn’t pay higher premiums to avoid a $200 item.