Florida Home Insurance

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My insurance for my property in Cape Coral, FL property has increased significantly. I would like to shop around to get a better price. Appreciate any recommendation for agents or insurance companies. 

All joking aside, rates are going up significantly across the entire state for a multitude of reasons, so you're not alone. My own policy jumped from $1900-2350 in Central FL this year so I know that frustration. I would encourage you to request a re-shop with your current agent if they have done a good job in the past. It is worthwhile to build a strong relationship with your agent and give them the opportunity to retain your business. 

If they are unable or unwilling to help though, thats when you should move on to a better agent. 

Hi Patty,

I have used People's Trust Insurance Company on my personal home for the past three years. I personally like them. They are very easy to get in contact with, have affordable rates that don't fluctuate too much, and best of all they're relatively local. They're located out of Deerfield Beach, FL. I have attached a link to their website bellow.

Really expensive of the home insurance in Florida! Surprised to see no insurance wants to sale insurance to a just 10 years old roof.... Lots roof looks older than 20 years but still in good shape. Maybe they all paid off the mortgage and no insurance.