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Hi group,

Let me say I’m new and I have not found the right insurance company yet.  Here are the details and the problem. I own a 41,000 sf tilt wall two building industrial property with 26 tenants. I purchased this in July 2020 and purchased an insurance policy from the company that insured the property for the previous owner.  The policy cost 13,000, the other two quotes were $20,000.  

Nine months later I’m in contract on a three building tilt wall 43,000 sf complex that I will occupy / lease out.  It is configured for 4 tenants. In my eye they are essentially identical. I have three quotes all over $30,000.  I need an insurance company that can help out.  

Thank you in advance. 


There are several factors that may be giving you the difference:

1. Fire protection of each property may be different (hydrant vs non, splintered vs non, ...)

2. the Construction material may be different.  That could impact the Replacement (rebuilding) cost of the building but also the fire rate on the building.

3. The occupancies of the building may be different.  The type of tenants may impact the rate.  If you have any that are manufacturing, cooking, etc. that present a higher hazard at the new building that may impact it

4. Claim history of the new property vs the existing could impact the rates as well.  

5. If one property has multiple buildings vs the other having only one the property with multiple could get a lower rate (less likely to have a total loss).

It is likely that it is multiple factors on the new building that are driving up the rates that much