Chicago North Side

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Hey Brianna,

They look real nice, how is the area? In Myrtle Beach $1800 would get you a great looking new house. 15mins from Beach.

How do numbers work on north side while buying properties for Buy and Hold? It is very expensive but great for landlords who got these 15-20 years ago.

@Account Closed - Houses here rent for much more - but they also cost much more. I think all the ones in that article were condos or part of a rental building.

@Atul Mohlajee - I think the North Side is worth the investment. I am not seeing it too much now, but up until last year I could expect gross rents of $1,200 a month for every $100k in purchase price.

Great article. Thanks for sharing @Brianna S. I love reading through Curbed. It's often times a lot of folks complaining that a big landlord is raising their rents (i.e. Fischman in Logan Square) but they really do provide some good content. Cheers!

@Brianna, great article, thanks for sharing! My opinion may be bias, but I think the Portage Park area is still good for investment opportunity. The price point is still reasonable and isn't as mature as other neighborhoods such as Logan Square, Old Irving etc. What do you think Brianna?

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