Check out Google Street view of Detroit

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I was perusing the internet and found this lovely compilation of detroit properties aging over 4ish years via Google Street view. Its quite interesting. Check it out here.

Attention want to be Detroit real estate investors. This is the reality of the situation. Society is breaking down to urban farming and sharecroping. Families raising guinie pigs in thier basement trading them for home made bread with thier neighbors. Helps supplement food stamps. Almost all of the inner city and and direct suburbs are like this. You have pockets of nice areas made up of hardcorps GM retirees and Veterans. They will die there with fierce pride and dignity. My family included. But they will be gone soon enough and then the zombies will move in. People that actually know how to change a light bulb, paint a fence or run, repair and put gas in a lawn mower have long since left. Only people for sure to make money are the agents selling "turn key" investments to the unsuspecting out of state and international "investors". Mighty industrial empire shattered.

For more enlighting views of Detroit go to YouTube and search topics like $1 Detroit houses and Detroit ruins.... Strangely fascinating yet sad.

I use google streetview to cruise the streets I grew up. Absolutely heart wrenching. M

looks like a good place to invest, lots of differed "maintenance."

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