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I live in the NW suburbs of Chicago, and am curious where I can go to find a monthly report of market trends (inventory, home prices, etc). I am not a realtor, so I don't have access to anything they do.

I'd obviously prefer it to be specific to the NW suburbs, but would be fine with Chicago or even IL if that isn't possible. 

Where can I go to find easy to comprehend, area-specific market trends on a monthly basis (or even more frequent)? 

@Dan Kalis  The only thing I can think of is the Tribune used to print a area analysis on the back page of the real estate section on Sundays.  I am not sure if they still do it but trey used to break out the city/burbs into zones and rotate each week.  Each week would feature let's say the NW burbs... it would show home values in Palatine up X% and maybe Rolling Meadows down X% - Again, it has been a few years since I looked but check and see if they still do it.

The other way is you use redfin.com and search past sales in a certain area.  You can go back to 1997 and download the data to csv and then run your own market analysis.

Thank you @Brianna Schmidt ! I'll take a look through the Trib. Makes sense. Doing some basic Googling, I found this - http://www.illinoisrealtor.org/marketstats - which seems to be a nice summary. I just don't know how accurate it is...or where the TRUE source of these stats comes from.

I'd love to see the most accurate market statistics available, and as soon after month end as I can. I'll continue to ask and look! Maybe some real estate agents have a source...

Dan, you can get it by analyzing what sells (prices, and Days on Market) in specific markets through the MLS. Get a RE Agent to work with you.

Dan contact me and I can get you what you need. I work in Nw suburbs and have access to this info .

Hey @Dan Kalis

When you start working with a realtor they can pull a ton of great information, as @Wendell De Guzman mentions. In addition, a lot of information is compiled and freely available (at least to your broker) through the Chicago Association of Realtors. Hope that helps

PS - I think that info from The Chicago Association of Realtors is updated on a regular basis (monthly? or at least quarterly).

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