Best Cities for Future Job Growth

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Future job growth leaders

1 Naples, Fl

2 Austin, TX

3 McAllen, TX

4 Greeley, CO

5 Dallas, TX

Out of the top 5, Austin has the lowest unemployment rate at 4.1%. Who will fill those new jobs?  Migrants.  Population growth will continue to drive housing demand beyond supply. 

hey @Jon Klaus  

Quick question, how do you come up with demographics for these areas and job growth. as you can tell I'm new at this and I'm just starting to figure all this out. what type of research do you do to come up with the figures about the cities and migration patterns. thanks in advance

I'm also a big fan of Charlotte, NC.

Thanks for sharing Jon!  I guess we'll do pretty well in the next year then!

@Jon Klaus  

Thanks for keeping us all posted!   I am always in debate about when to check out of Austin with my investment.  But Naples, huh?  Good to know!

That's great news for me, I love Dallas and am originally from there.  I hope to get started investing there ASAP!

@Jon Klaus  

Thanks for posting.  Gives me confidence to invest in our Dallas market.  

Check out the NTREIS market research...Dallas/Ft Worth is crushing it!

If anyone from out of town, or in town for that matter, needs feet on the ground locally, let me know.  I'll help out any way I can and maybe we can collaborate on something along the way.


@Devan M.   How is OKC and the surrounding?  That is my old stomping grounds. If I wanted to get into trouble went to OKC.  Just fun went East.  LOL. Tom 

Hi @Tom Keith I just moved to OKC this month so I'm not very familiar with the area yet.  However, downtown is really thriving since they have put so much money into it recently.  It has attracted a lot of new businesses and I can say I believe OKC is a good town and I have enjoyed it so far.  It sounds like you're long overdue for a visit though!  How are things in Longview?  I've never been out that way but, I enjoyed Dallas when I lived there. 

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