House with a sauna = X value?

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Out of sheer curiosity, I would like to throw this question out there.  Hypothetically, if I was to buy a house, install a sauna - say upon adding a finished bathroom in the basement -... How much would this affect the value of the house?  Would it be worth installing in the first place?

In my opinion, it would depend completely on your market. Would the people who primarily seek to rent or buy your "level" of home see that as a valuable feature. If it is a high-end home it may make your home better than home X, but if it is a middle to low end home it may be unnecessary because your home isn't competing against homes with brand new kitchens, golden toilets, and a landscaped lawn.

In summary, I would lean toward focusing on what my competition's homes don't have, whatever it may be (landscaping, new kitchen appliances, 2 tone exterior paint job, etc.) before putting in a sauna. 

I base my thoughts of off Albert J. Lowry's ideas 

Why are you looking at a sauna in particular?  I would say most adds/changes make a house easier to sell more than increase value over the price to do.

I seriously doubt adding a sauna would add any value at all.  Especially if you mean a separate sauna room.  Some buyers might like that, some will consider it a waste of space.

Adding steam to a shower would be a safer bet.  I did this recently to one of my bathrooms while rebuilding it after flooding damage.  I still don't think this adds much value, but at least its not a negative.

I don't know the value, but if you do put it in I would recommend that, among others, you market to nudists. I believe there are 4 landed clubs in Oregon. 

I'm with @Jon Holdman  I don't believe it will add any value, even in a higher end home. It's a nice "feature," but that is about all.

In California that actually might be a negative value creator. It would be better to use that money on other improvements that will create more added value. 

Wow great replies!  Thanks for the valuable input.  I suppose if I was to add a sauna or steam room, it would have to be in a home I intend on staying in for the rest of my life.  Not worth throwing into a home built for rent or sale.

Absolutely not in a rental.  Anything that's complicated and subject to repair should be avoided in rentals.   With a possible exception for a vacation type rental.

It will add about a third to a half of what it cost you, if it's new! As is ages, not much of anything like Jon said. Absolutely not in a rental, kids go in there can get hurt!!!! Pass out and die!!!!

My dad has a sauna, in the "garden room" by the pool, it's full of boxes! :)

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