NAR Takes Control of .RealEstate Domain

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According Inman News, NAR beats out 3 other firms to manage .realestate top-level domain.  

Frankly, after reading the article, I'm rather concerned at the way at which they intend to manage this domain. I have little issue with NAR managing the .realtor domain (which I think is perfectly appropriate), but I think that giving them control of .realestate is a very bad precedent.

What are your thoughts? 

My opinion is that it will not be pro investor, rather quite the opposite. It will likely be handled in a manner similar to the .Realtor domains. 

Bad, bad precedent.

It seems pretty obvious whats going on. Only those with a "contractual relationship" can register. So, basically, anyone that is already paying the NAR, can choose to pay them MORE to register a domain. I completely understand for the .realtor domains, as they have trademarked the name. But for .realestate, this should be open to the public... and this is coming from a licensed realtor who pays the NAR every year.

It is too early to tell, but if they abuse the more general .realestate domain, I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of antitrust action. There are some significant barriers to such a claim, of course, but depending upon how these domains develop in the market and how NAR uses them, a creative antitrust attorney might develop a claim. Trade associations have to treat lightly because they are always one bad act away from a big antitrust claim.

Another tendril of the monopoly machine that is the NAR.

You know over the last few decades I have seen all these extensions YET people all use .com.

A big deal has been made about realtor, real estate, tv, mobi, etc.

All the big companies are not using those extensions. the .com is what they use.

If you know anything about NAR the lobbying is what they do best. As far as fees charged I will leave that one alone except to say they are a for profit business and proud of it.. : )

@Joshua Dorkin, thanks for posting.  I don't find it too surprising. As real estate data becomes more available to the public, it makes sense that NAR would continue to try to lock up all real estate related domain.

I read the article. Just a bunch of nothing and another revenue generator selling a pipe dream.

The website name isn't the silver bullet to getting business. It's all the actions you do yourself everyday to generate business. The sooner people realize they can't just buy a good name and watch the money roll in the better off they will be.

I will stick with .com.

One alternative may be to use the .RE top level domain; fewer characters and easier to brand.

Thanks for the article @Joshua Dorkin  . I've seen organizations make big plays to snap up domains in other business areas, and yet have never actually visited a business site with one other than .com (unless they were a foreign site with their own national domain). Probably not a big deal, but I totally agree, for-profit businesses will always strive for a monopoly. 

Who is going to type all those characters in as an extension especially since more people are using smartphones now.  Totally worthless new TLD designed to siphon money from newbies to the business.  Dot COM it or don't bother.

It is quite rational for a business to strive toward monopoly, as monopoly rents are extraordinary. Competition has a tendency to destroy profits. I wrote about that here (with some discussion of real-estate investing and competition),

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