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Happy Veterans Day to all our veterans and Happy Birthday Marines, you're 239th!

I want to again thank all those serving and all who have served, I SALUTE YOU!

I hope everyone takes time every day, but especially today, to thank our veterans for their service.

Let's not forget the families of those who serve us, they too make sacrifices in supporting our service members and hold the fort down on the home front in their member's absence, it's not easy at times, so thank you for everything you do as well!

I'm heading down to the DFW Marine Ball for their birthday party, being an Army guy it should be fun as a guest.



@Bill Gulley  I'm not in the military myself, but I have close relatives who served.  I can't even imagine all of the sacrifices and risks you guys have to make to serve our country.  Thanks to all those in uniform for protecting our freedoms.

Thanks to all my brothers who have served and still are. Still proudly serving, see you in the field!

It's strange for me to think back and realize I joined the Army almost 12 years ago and I have been out for almost 9 years.  I went to Basic Training at 17.

My life has taken a lot of twist and turns I couldn't have anticipated.  Like teaching English in Korea.  
But I have always had an interest and passion in real estate.  I guess that was always bound to happen.

Happy Veterans Day everyone.

Chris, don't forget the sisters, they are out there too. :)

Saw the CEO of Clorox on TV this morning, talking about what veterans bring to the table in hiring them, dedication, a work ethic and they actually show up! He was saying that actually showing up is really a big deal, had to laugh at that, but true.

There is a great bit of maturing that happens in the military that can't be matched in civilian life. It's a sense of duty, honor and country, a responsibility that can't be duplicated anywhere else. You'll get out walking a bit taller and straighter, mentally, with a sense of purpose being mission oriented. You're accountable for your actions and understand that your integrity overshadows any mistake you may have made. All come out as leaders regardless of their rank.

Thanks again for your service!


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