News - HousingWire - Best 7 suburbs in Mass. Go Pats!

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Haha!  Interestingly, 4 out of 7 of those Boston suburbs are actually in New Hampshire, not in Massachusetts!

Yeah pretty liberal definition of suburb!  

I mean if you really stretch it to say NH can be the burbs those aren't even close in NH.  They are all 50-80 miles from Boston.  If they had like Salem, NH and Pelham or something that are like 35 miles (and close than either Salisbury or Plympton are to Boston, both just over 40 miles away in opposite directions) maybe could squint a little and believe it.

Really Slumerville is the only one of those that is a legit Boston Suburb.

I'd also love to know what price buckets they used huge $150K spread from 1st to 2nd but just over 90K total from 4th to 7th.  And $316K for Salisbury to $303K for Auburn, NH seriously what was the cutoff point $305-310K.  I mean that is a pretty small difference when these are supposedly in big differing price point buckets.

Also the low point was almost $250K?  I mean we are not a cheap area but if they are willing to go 75-80 miles away (Which Barrington, NH would be) for a suburb they could easily find a bunch of sub-$200K towns to find a real low price winner.

Looks like the author is from Dallas so clearly has his finger on the pulse of this market!  :)

Wow, my wife is from Somerville and myself Everett.  As said above, suburb, is a bit of a stretch.  These articles are so ridiculous it is hard to even think of it as serious. Salisbury, a suburb?  And yea, apparently NH is local.  As @Shaun Reilly said, Nashua...maybe.

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