Biggerpockets mentioned on Yahoo Finance!

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Good free advertizement for BP.

Whats even worse is that they called his firm "eponymous".

I didn't even know what that meant. Had to look it up.
Nothing to do with good or bad. But I had no clue when I read it.....

I saw pony in there and thought maybe Will was running some sort
of horse stable on the side. :-)

Originally posted by @Rick Bradd :

Too bad they spelled @Will Barnard  's name incorrectly....

 That would involve them spending the time to fact check. Can't waste time doing that!

I took the rich dad poor dad 3 day course several years ago when I was just starting out, they slam you with a ton of redundant information, none of which is complete or actionable, then make you feel stupid for not knowing what they're talking about, and finally tell you that the only way to be successful is to buy their training program. Then they separate those that do buy up to the next level and leave the rest of the people to face a barrage of follow up phone calls and "discounted" training session offerings. 

Thanks for the heads up guys, I was interviewed by Rick about a month ago and was waiting for this article to come out. I will have to contact him informing him of the misspelling of my name.

As to my eponymous company, I had to look that up too. My company name is named after me which is what the word means and where Barnard Enterprises, Inc. comes from. Learn something new everyday!

I listened to the interview and he had zero stats to back up the value of the education other than the supposed 9.5% rating from attendees! most of which likely never do a deal after that. He also did a poor run around of the credit card issue stating they give clients every option available when they ask, but the truth is, their reps bring up and push the credit card idea when a potential customer states they don't have the money and that my friends is the scam of the scam. You can dress the pig in any clothes you want but it is still a pig.

Awesome!  Who fact checks these days??  We need to get NPR to run a story on BP and its members :)

Article was fixed, I emailed the author to inform him of the incorrect spelling of my name and he was right on top of it, his responsiveness and promptness is appreciated and to be commended.

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