Where young college grads are choosing to live

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Here's an interesting article on where young college grads are choosing to live 

I live in Denver , which is ranked #3 here.  I can confirm the influx (although I hadn't quite realized the extent of it) and the popularity of the urban core. The reasons listed seem pretty spot on too. 

I am intrigued that Buffalo is in the #7 spot. Buffalo peeps, what's the deal? Forgive me for stereotyping, but I'll admit I'm guilty of thinking of Buffalo as a walk-in freezer that you pass through on the way to Canada. Can you tell me what is making your town so popular?

The reason is obvious, they can't get real jobs with that liberal arts degree so they move where there's the highest density of restaurants, the big city, to be waiters.

Hi @Jean Bolger I went to school in Buffalo and once I graduated stayed two years to work.. Buffalo is a very affordable place to live and also allows young professionals that have graduated to live comfortably and save as well... Buffalo does get a bad rap due to the cold weather and frequent snow fall, but overall it's a great place to begin a career and establish yourself.

its realy not that bad weather wise especially if you are into winter sports, or disappointing professional sports teams.  Super affordable and vibrant communities and people are nice.  I grew up 20 min

 south, bounced around with the army had a few years on Long Island came back to B-lo to finish school and picked up our first property while I did that.  Now live right downtown...our plan said to move after 7 years and that was 3 yr ago...enjoying it while we are here.

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