Purchasing a property from an LLC rather than a Realtor / Bank

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Still learning and practicing on finding deals and what to look out for, I noticed that some properties are posted by LLC's and not a realtor or bank. Since there's much info. about doing deals with realtors and banks, how do you do deals with LLC companies? Are they more flexible and easier to work with, does anyone know, do they market their property with a realtor or on their own.

I don't think I understand your question. Can you explain where you are finding these properties?  An example would be great. 

@Octavia D. So if its posted by an LLC it is likely another investor that owns the property, a business, or a savvy person. So your question is hard to answer. They may be more flexible, and probably will be less headache than a bank. But does the LLC own, are they assigning a contract, or waiting to close and then double close with you. Sometimes they use a Realtor and sometimes not.

I think the better question is what are you wanting to do here? Reading your other post here I think you need a crash course about a deal. I would be glad to walk you through a deal and explain some things to you. I think you are a little mis-guided but hard work will get you there, we all started somewhere. 

I saw from the MLS in irving, tx a 4-plex for sale by "American Propertunity LLC" (no bank / realtor) and saw from google maps that the 4plex is boared up. I tried contacting the representative but no response. My goal is to have rentals, triplex, 4plex, & small apartments for cash flow, so seeing this 4plex for sale by this LLC made me wonder if theres any difference with doing a deal with a person who has a property under an LLC / not. Are they more flexible than a bank & realtor, or is there just no difference other than them having the property under an LLC. If I'm correct based on the appraisal website on this property, the owners are two foreign people in california (I think). 


I also agree that i'm still new at all this and still learning, I've also noticed that my other posts have led me to get responses in a sense that I'm mis-guided / not knowing what I'm talking about. So trying to explain myself a little better, the questions I ask is me seeking other ways to do deals and what works best when working with someone ( LLC, Realtor, Broker, Wholesaler, FSBO, etc.). I'm aware of the many other ways and strategies that's being shared and used, ( lease options, wrap-mortgages, subject-to, wholesale, Va, fha, Conventional, hud 221d loans, hard money, private money, land contracts, land trust, transactional funding, buy & hold, etc.)  I'm just trying to see if there's other creative ways out there to do deals, work with others or obtain funds. It's something I've always done regarding any opportunity or choice I make, I see a choice/opportunity i like but then still search around to see if somethings better. Sorry if my posts including this one makes me sound confusing and like i haven't learned anything. 

Not an expert, but I don't really see more difficulty involved. The seller keeps anonymity, and you buy out their interest in that anonymous Principal position.

The seller could be motivated or not regardless of the form of ownership. 

 It just depends on their situation.    

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