What should I do in Dayton OH?

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My wife got an interview/invitation to visit Wright State in Feb. Is there anything noteworthy I should do while she is "in class"? Anyone in the area wanting to network? Any areas I should avoid? Not from around the area and would rather not unintentionally slow roll the war zones.... :) 

@Ryan Dossey  

 Compared to St Louis, our "war zones" are pretty tame. There aren't any near Wright State University.

Depending on when you will be here, we are having a BP meetup on Feb 9 at 6:00pm, less than a mile from Wright State. You're both welcome to come. Also, I'd be happy to meet up with you individually also.

The National Museum of Air Force attracts a lot of visitors. If you like aircraft or history, it's a must see. Depending on how long you're here, there's plenty to do.

On a side note, I may be in St Louis the first week of Feb.

@Darrin Carey  that is great to know. From what I have seen it looks in general like it is probably a "safer" area then what can be found in several parts of Saint Louis. We will be there from Feb. 5th-7th. (Sorry I meant to put that in my initial post) I would love to meet up. Moving to a new market it is always good to talk to people who already know it. That's also good to hear about the area surrounding Wright State. My wife went to a college that had a garage a few blocks from campus in a semi rough neighborhood and that always made me nervous her walking to/from early in the am and at night. 

Timing.....If I go to St Louis, I'll be there Feb 4-6, and possible 7th.

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