Amsterdam Tries New Pop-Up Rental Housing

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Heijmans ONE is offering a solution to Amsterdam's shortage of affordable rental housing for young adults by building pop-up rental homes on undeveloped lots in the city. One young lady has already moved into the first trial home, which will remain on this undeveloped lot for at least 3 months with the option to prolong. The home can be unbuilt and moved to a different location within one day.

I wonder what it would take to get this in our country. Thinking about the shortage of affordable rentals in Denver, and all the available land, this sounds like a viable solution.

Do you think this type of pop-up rental housing would thrive in your market?

@Jennifer A.  

Except you could probably sell that cute little thing for 250k in Denver right now, right? yikes

I am actually pretty fascinated by the modernist modular home concept in general. There are some really nice ones being built here in the US, but it seems the price per square foot is about comparable or higher to site-built. I would expect that they'd probably have permitting issues until they become more common. I bet in the next few years they'll start to gain a foothold though

I would totally live in that.  And notice in the rendering that each one has raised beds and bicycles out front.  

I would totally live in it too, especially if it were energy efficient. I can see these sprung up all along the front range and Coloradoans flocking.

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