Dallas REALLY sucks!!

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I've been here for last 3 days finding some apartments to exchange into. How do you guys that live here EVER get to an appointment on time? This traffic looks like all 400 million people in the country are on YOUR roads at all times! 

Arrived Sunday- Stuck on interstate for almost 2 hours. Finally got past remaining debris. Red P/U crushed and upside down in center land with 3 firetrucks blocking all lanes. Heard later that there were casualties and sorry about that.

Monday- Tried to visit property in Grand Prarie and then over to Garland. Stuck again and arrived 46 minutes late. Wierd to watch my Gps to say I'm further away as each minute goes by!

Tuesday- the capper- I had 4 appointments and was late to every single one. I even doubled my anticipated length of travel as per GPS. I thought I was being smart. I was jammed up again returning back to Hotel in Grand Prairie and jammed up  again on I-20. I thought I'd be smart and get off freeway. I ended up further away and GPS wanted to keep sending me back to I-20! Not sure I made up time, but it felt good  to have car actually moving.

Wed- Now I have a breakfast appt over by Love Field. I'm in Grand Prarie. Gps gives me estimated time-I'm doubling it.

Dallas is a great place to come and buy apts. but I would definitely go bonkers if I had to live here. I'm REALLY looking forward to getting back to The Villages in FL and my golf cart and Viper.  I would have no use for either if I lived here.

Have a great day.


The metroplex is huge. Trying to cross it during rush hour is maddening.  We also have more road construction now than in most years.  I'm headed to Austin, so I get to deal with it in both cities today. 


There is ALWAYS a ton of construction and they STILL won't keep up with the demand. That's why I love apts here.


p.s. Time to join the I-20 parking lot now...


Growing at 150,000 people per year.  Like adding a Salem, OR, every year. 

After living here a while you learn the backroads

Stay off the highways(75,35,20,30) whenever possible unless it's a toll road 

Not sure about the outskirts of Dallas but during traffic in Dallas proper I can get across fairly quickly taking the normal roads like Walnut Hill or Royal to go east/west

Welch to go north/south 

Thanks Dustin. Maybe I'll do that when I return to do due diligence  and final walk throughs.


Ha. Almost missed a wedding a few weeks ago in Dallas for the same reason. @Rich Weese you should download Waze to your phone. That app was the only reason I made it to that wedding. 

Is anyone noticing that oil is crashing?  Just a friendly warning, this has happened in the past to the great state of Texas.  Oil down, Texas down.  Don't be surprised to see less migration to Texas.

Oil was down in the 2nd half of last year but has stabilized. 3 month price chart below.  Also, the TX economy is far larger and more diversified than when it last took a big energy hit in the 1980's. 

The state has always been a good, stable market for me, regardless of what the oil price is. 

@Rich Weese

 I feel your pain.

Traffic in DFW is terrible on a good day. It doesn't matter the time.  I have been stuck in huge traffic jams at 11pm.  And, my personal favorite was when I left for work at 6:15am and got to the office at 9:00am.  I also live 25 minutes from my office.  

Best of luck.

@Rich Weese welcome to Dallas! I cringed as I read about your travels from Grand Prairie to Garland. It doesn't look far on a map but can easily take hours at the wrong time of the day. I try to time my trips after 10am til -3pm. Then after 7pm avoid rush hour if you can. 

As long as I avoided North Dallas, I could get anywhere during rush hour in 30 minutes.

Unfortunately the huge drop in oil prices has just been over the last 10 months or so.  It has not necessarily stabilized.  These things never end well.  Sorry.

The DFW economy isn't really that oil driven.  We have it more in the rural areas where most of the field workers are, but even here there are lots of other industries.  The Metroplex proper has mostly tech and other professional type employers plus a bit of heavy industry and defense contractors.  Over all a very diversified economy.

Yeah Dallas is not an oil town.

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