Home Upgrades that Pay Off

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If your home needs upgrades, but you do not know where to start, you are not alone. Remodeling and upgrading a home is much more complex – and expensive – than you might think. Before any upgrading or construction begins, it is important to have a plan, and a good plan starts with a list of needs vs. wants. It is common for homeowners to put off the most necessary upgrades for more stylish upgrades that can certainly wait. This is why creating a list is so important. Do a complete walk through of your home making note of all problem areas that need to be upgraded. Once your list is complete, prioritize each problem area so you know which upgrades to make first. After your list is compiled and prioritized, then you can begin the actual upgrading. Here is some advice for conducting a successful home upgrade project.

Creating a budget

Your list should make it easy to know where most of your money will go, but you should also conduct research to see which projects you can complete on your own for much cheaper than if you were to hire a professional. Shop at thrift stores for furniture and décor that you can update and modernize for cheaper than if you were to purchase modern décor from a top retail store. If there are upgrades that you want, but do not necessarily need, like stainless steel appliances, consider alternatives such as using stainless steel paint on your current appliances. There is always a way to save money, but it is important to remain patient and conduct a lot of research so you know exactly what you can and cannot afford.

Increasing home value

Whether or not you are planning on selling your home, you should always upgrade with the intentions of increasing the home’s value. Believe it or not there are upgrades that do nothing for the value of a home, or even decrease it. Sure fire ways to increase the value of your home according to Real Simple would be to update paint, add siding, build a deck and update the kitchen and bathrooms. Usually when people are in the market for a home it is because they need more space, so if you add onto your home to create another room or bigger living area that will also increase the value of a home. Before knocking down walls and expanding, however, it is smart to start with the space you already have when upgrading.

Don’t forget curb appeal

Upgrading does not only have to take place inside the home. The exterior of the home is just as important when it comes to upgrades, especially if you are looking to sell it. The front of your home is the first area potential buyers will see, so if your home is on the market make sure it looks appealing by keeping the grass mowed and watered, planting flowers and ridding the yard of obnoxious weeds.

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Source: realsimple.com/home-organizing/home-improvement/renovations/home-upgrades-payoff

Thanks for sharing. I have found carpet and paint to be the highest ROI when re-selling a home.

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