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Hey everyone, 

I'm looking at purchasing a turnkey property that was recently rehabbed in the Kansas City, MO market.  Can anyone refer to me an agent so that I could get some comps done, and is there anyone who invests in Kansas City, MO who could let me know what they think of the rental market for buy and hold investors.  The location is on Bellview Avenue and I would love if a local investor could tell me if this street is in a good neighborhood. Thanks.

@Fred Stevenson

 KC is a great market for buy and holds. You will have to me more specific about the actual location for us to give you our opinion. 



@Fred Stevenson

 I am a local investor and real estate Broker in Kansas City what can I help you with?

@Fred Stevenson  

@William Robison would be a great guy for you to talk to. He's a broker and also has a property management and rehab business in Kansas City. He specializes in working with investors. I've been working with him for almost a year now and he is very knowledgeable about areas/rents and if the rehab was done properly. 

Thank you for the advice Laura.  I actually just sent him a message.  

Bellview's not a very long street. That's a pretty decent neighborhood. The rental market in Kansas City is strong. KC has recently been ranked 4th in the nation for rental increases.

@Mike D'Arrigo

Thanks for advice Mike

If you are talking about Bellview ave by the plaza in 64111, that is a great area. There are tons of young people who desire a property in that area. It is one of the best areas to get around on foot. Loads of restaurants and shopping. If you are looking at a condo or six-plex, be careful because the hoas are very high. Let me know if you have any other questions. 

@Carrie Hallensleben it is right next to the Penn Valley Park. Does that help. Thanks

So an offer from a home owner was just made on the property I was considering.  I am considering another turnkey property in Kansas City on the following street.

E. 55th St., Kansas City, MO 64129

Is anyone able to let me know about this neighborhood and if it is a good area for a buy and hold property.  I'm also needing assistance from a local realtor who would be willing to provide comps for me.  Thanks to everyone for their help.

The house is in an area called Raytown

@Fred Stevenson 

East 55th in the area by the zoo would not be a good location but if it is in Raytown that might be better. I'm mostly familiar with midtown/downtown kc south kc and north kc. Otherwise don't know much about the other suburbs. You can private message me if you want to talk more. 

I own a rental in 64129 (lived there first) and it's Raytown Schools.  55th and 64129...not sure about that one!  It might be close to my church, Graceway.  E-mail me with more specifics and I'll give you as much info as I can. 

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