Downtown Oceanside Development

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It is crazy how fast Oceanside as a city is improving. Its almost weekly that I see a new exciting business, bar or resturant sprouting up. 

I am a member of the Main-street Oceanside and love this area of their website. It shows the development coming to the area. Check it out.!downtown-proj...

Great way to see why buying west of the 5 in Oceanside is a great idea. As once all that developments done, prices are going to be just like every other San Diego County coastal town. 

How interesting, Thanks for sharing. I have been so curious about what would be going up in that parking lot on Mission near the RR tracks. Its all good signs for Oceanside!

Megan Ahern

I would love to invest and live in Oceanside. Put an offer in on a 2 br condo back in February but but it seems that places are going for full retail price out there at the moment.

@Brandon Foster yes I've been eyeing Oceanside for development opportunities. The thing that I really like about it is the light rail station and the fact that it connects with all the other beach towns to san diego. Rail and buses will keep playing a bigger role in the next 10-20 years so long term I think it will be a great place to invest.

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