Atlanta-Hidden Gem?

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Hello everyone,

Living in San Francisco has opened my eyes to how different RE markets are across the country. I am looking to get started investing in Atlanta. Is anyone currently investing there and what has been your experience with this market? Also, any recommendations for agents, brokers, contractors, etc would be greatly appreciated. 

Hello @Canesha Edwards. I am available to answer any questions you may have about the Atlanta Market. I currently work with some California Investors and welcome this opportunity as well. 

Hi @Canesha Edwards

I am an Investor/Realtor/Entrepreneur here in the Atlanta market. Atlanta market is huge and represents opportunities and challenges. Atlanta is a sprawling city and have lots of areas that have potential as well as represent their own set of challenges. In Atlanta there are several examples where certain streets have expensive homes and the other streets are complete war zones within a few blocks. The key is to understand the market and buy right. 

Metro Atlanta months of inventory stands at 4.2 and 6 months is considered normal. So there is high demand and low supply causing prices to go up. 

See the Atlanta Market Snapshot below as it will give you an idea in terms of the prices.  

At a high level people from other parts of the country find prices reasonable because they tend to compare it with what they are getting on the West Coast or NE for example. However, from a local point of view things are expensive because supply is limited so as an outside investor you have to be very careful and not get caught up in the hype. As a basic RE rule you need to find something that is truly undervalued and buy right or else you are setting yourself for failure.

Hope this helps!

Thank you all for the help. I will be traveling to Atlanta a lot with in the next few months. I would love to take a few if the local investors to lunch and further discuss the market.