Kenai Alaska and surrounding area investors

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 Alaska anyone? CFO's 9 to 5 is changing and we're moving up in the middle of winter. Time to learn a new farm right when we thought we knew this one. Any advice on the market?

The economy is a bit of boom or bust. Talk of a new natural gas boom is rampant and is likely to go through. Reaidential market is strong, as well as multi-family. Larger commercial buildings (Reaidential commercial) have little vacancies. 

As or right now, strong economy. You can't go wrong with a little bit of education and good offer. 

James speaks the truth.  The gas boom will probably happen in 2019 at the earliest from I understand working in the oilfields on the North Slope.  However, if it goes through there will be a boom similar to the one when the oil pipeline was built.  

Jeff and family, congrats on the upcoming big move! 

Moving during winter? Flying or driving?

Moving to the Kenai or surrounding area? 

The markets are geographically spread out.

Seward is a coupl of hours from the Kenai, Anchorage is a few hours away as well. 

Seward and Kenai have potential for cash flowing residential and commercial props, as well as vacation rental possibilities; although a smaller population/market than Anchorage area (s).

 population a recreation destination

Anchorage is less of a vacation destination and more of a transportation hub for all things alaska.

Anchorage has a larger population than other parts of South Central AK, and more hustle/bustle going on. 

If oil comes to Kenai, should be increased transient work force with some permanent growth. I can definately see it driving the housing market for a while; probably more with median price multi family type of housing than SFR at first. Maybe even temp or mobiles for a while.

If looking @ Anchorage & surrounding, dont forget the Valley area (Wasilla/Palmer). 

We provide relief to Anchorages tight housing market. 

Anchorage has a housing shortage for some target markets. Wasilla leads the area in new construction.

Resales are slowing  some and inventory Is growing some.

Sweet spot in the Valley for investing seems to be in the $200k range for SRF. May be seeing  a shift towards a buyers market.

Some are concerned about state revenue and big companies moving out of state. I see one door closing and another opening,  even if a bit of a correction happens.

Someone very smart once told me "housing follows energy...

If you ever need a connection in the Anchorage/Mat-Su valley areas who invests and happens to also be a residential realtor, keep me in mind.

Safe travels! 

Nat Shaw 907-444-4607

Thanks everyone for your time and answers. 

The job is in Kenai but don't have a specific area or town picked yet. We understand Nikiski, Sterling, Soldotna and Kasilof all could work with a small commute. 

Single and multifamily is our main focus for now. We do own a few mobile homes but they're proving to be more maintenance intensive than we really want. So we're attempting to have them "Rented to own" before we leave. Just one left to fill. 

It's interesting to hear about the proposed project for the near future. Could be an opportunity for many years to come. We currently live in an area with one large oil refinery, which is where I work.

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I'm also in Soldotna, should be completely moved by mid dec. 

Looking for work and investments ATM, any help is appreciated, especially if you know of anyone hiring or a business worth starting

Anyone know a good contractor, agent and property manager in Kenai? I'm looking at both single and multi family BRRRR opportunities to expand my portfolio there. I've always loved fishing and was even thinking of some sort of fishing/hunting cabin lodge.