Need Ideas for a Research Paper about Real Estate.

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Hey BP,

Long story short, I'm looking for ideas / topics that I could write about for a research paper (8-10 pages) in my Western History class. 

  • Time Period: Between the year 1400 - 2016 (preferably something more current).
  • Relevance: Must be relevant to the European and/or Chinese market.
  • Possible Topics: Real estate housing market, finance, mortgages, market crash, market growth, etc.

I originally wanted to write about the European market crash or the effect China would have on the surrounding nations if its market were to collapse. I'm open to any and all ideas because I honestly have no idea what I can talk about for 10+ pages. Thanks in advance!

There should be tons of timely, recent, and scholarly sources on Brexit you could use as references/citations (writing a paper is always much easier if you can find good sources). It also has broad socioeconomic interest and it crosses over pretty much all of the topics you mentioned.

I have had a ton of out of country investors calling me lately.  I could not figure out why there was such a sudden influx of foreigners looking to invest here.  Overtime I realized it was because the USA is one of the only countries where the population is rising and projected to continue its rapid growth (as compared to them).  It would be really cool to dig deeper into this and pull macro numbers on populations as it pertains to foreign money entering our markets.  

Once you have all this detailed data and research completed you can email it to me haha.  Just kidding but seriously, send it to me.  Thanks! 

@Andrew Michael

Take California, tons of Chinese investor are investing in southern California with and yielding 6% ROI. That seems like a bad investment for lots of domestic investors but to the Chinese it is a very reasonable approach. Like Hong Kong, most real estate in major cities in China has raise more than 1500% in the pass ten year (Hong Kong is 2000% FYI). Usually Chinese investors can buy and resell their properties within 6-18 months and make a great profits (no renovation needed, Chinese developers usually don't provide any sort of installment). But with the properties value going up, rent is relatively stable so that they can't really make a great profit by holding it. Also, Chinese government only gives title to owner for 70 years, after that the government has the right to obtain the properties back.

Let's do the math here. One of my friend has sold one of his condo in Shenzhen for 6M RMB (he bought it with 2M) thats 300,000 USD according to last month's currency he bought a Condo in Indianapolis, IN and rent for 2000 USD/ month. No body in the States will want that deal. But here's the catch, compare to getting almost nothing from rental in China, 2500 USD/month from the duplex which is almost 13500 RMB/month, is a great income for Chinese investor. BTW, 13500 RMB/ month is a great deal of money for most Chinese household, enough to support a middle income family. Chinese investors, whether they live in the states or back home, usually calculate their income in RMB because they see the majority of their spending is in China. 


@Cody Gentry  I am an international student from China currently just graduated from Indiana University with political science and international relationship. I am also a real estates investor so I am familiar with the differences between US and the Chinese market. I think I will be very resourceful for you. Please PM me if you want more information.

@Jianheng Wang

Thanks for the information.  I only knew what my borrowers were saying so its really nice to have you chime in with specifics and detailed knowledge.  Thanks!  I think you could easily write a 10 page paper on the subject.  Very interesting.  

@Jianheng Wang Thanks for sharing the information.  You mentioned that Hong Kong real estate prices went up 2000% in the past 10 years. Could you share the data behind that as it would be very interesting? 

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