Fully self driving cars announced this morning

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Waymo announced this morning that they are removing the safety driver from their driverless cars in Chandler. The taxi service will first be in Chandler and will expand to cover all of Phoenix once they get their full order of 600 cars from Chrysler. 


One driverless taxi replaces ten cars and Waymo has $10B set aside to expand this service, including semis. 

The majority of the economy is personal spending. The average American spends half of their income on two things: 17% on transportation and 33% on housing. Dropping the transportation expense to 5% will free up more than 10% of income. This will obviously have large impacts to our economy before we even get into the cost of transporting goods or the doubling of available land in most cities.

Just as cars turned out to be more than not needing to own horses, driverless cars will be about more than not needing to own vehicles. Few predicted the suburbs or the shopping mall when the car was first introduced.

This change will likely be bigger than the Internet. We live in exciting times.