Meetup in London, Ontario

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Hello BiggerPockets, 

Looking to network, buy properties, and team up with other real estate minded people in and around London, Ontario! 

I've been investing for the past year and I'm partnered up with someone who's been in the game since 2003. 

Would anyone in the area be up for meeting over a group dinner or activity? 

This post has been removed.

This post has been removed.

Hey Aaron. We have a few meetup groups in London dedicated to real estate investing. 

@Aaron Nicoll I run the monthly Bigger Pockets meetups. Please add me to your network and send me a message with your email address. I'll be posting the next meet-up in the next couple days.

I met Dylan when I started hosting the BP events, but we both randomly also visit the LAREIC group. Dylan is also partly responsible for founding the LondonOnFIRE group, if I'm not mistaken. There's a new one started by @Shawn Allen who will be disappointed that I've forgotten the name of it... sorry Shawn. :)

Thanks @Matt Geerts.   The newest and largest Real Estate Investment club in London is the Ontario Real Estate Investment Association.   or ONREIA for short.

You can register at   The next meeting is March 20th.   Love to see everyone out for some great Real Estate education and networking.

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