Fox News article is great news for landlords

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I found this article that says it's better to rent and invest in the stock market than to buy your own house, great news for landlords!

Hindsight is always easy. If you look at the past 10 years, it's an easy argument to make that having assets in a no load index fund would have been a good bet. I added the Tampa Case Schiller data showing that even if you bought at the absolute bottom of the housing market, rather than at the end of the great recession, stocks still look like a good bet. 

Rentals have been in increasing demand for over a decade, since the initial shocks of the great recession. The last chart shows this fact as a nation wide phenomenon. The next 10 years is anyone's guess, but personally I'll have assets in real estate and in equities (although most likely, the majority of equities will be where I hold founder stock.) 

(All graphs via the St. Louis Fed Economic Research, the best place to find macro economic data relating to the US economy.)

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