Baltimore Real Estate Questions

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My family is potentially moving to Baltimore. I have several questions.

Where is the best neighbor to buy a house (just to live in, no house hack)?

How can I get connected to a great RE group?

Where are the RE opportunities for BRRRR?

I'm a long-time dabbler with 8 doors and two flips with partners, but looking forward to the next chapter.

Any and all help is appreciated!

When I moved to Baltimore many years ago, we just rented a townhouse near my new employer for a year.  After we got settled we were able to visit many areas, talk to co-workers and make a good choice for us.  It was too big a decision on where to live to be made rashly on a few weekend trips.

Big items for us were: school districts, yard for kids, proximity to job and our commute.  Traffic can be brutal out here especially if you commute to/from DC.

Lots of great RE meetups here. Feel free to PM me as well.  Good luck!

@Curt Luthye As several of the guys have mentioned above- there are a number of different factors that can determine the best place to live in Baltimore. Give us a few more selling factors for you (walkability, schools, work, etc). and we can point you in the right direction.

There are a number of RE groups- the best ones I have found are the Friday Lunch hosted by @markowens (you can find it via Facebook under Baltimore Investors Network) and the BWI Meetup hosted by Bill Aimes. 

Plenty of BRRRR friendly areas in Baltimore as well- get plugged in and you will have no problem growing your portfolio

@Curt Luthye if you want something in the city Hampden is definitely a cool place. My partner lives there. Thre are lots of areas for the BRRRR method and lots of investment clubs. I suggest you set up "Baltimore" as a keyword alert.