Who prefers Natural Hardwood or Vinyl Planks?

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I've been lucky that all my flips have already had hardwoods in all the living spaces. One house I added them to the bedrooms to match the main spaces, and I have also added them to kitchens. 

I have done carpet, tile, engineered hardwood and real hardwood... I have actually never installed vinyl in a flip. I'm not opposed to it, just always had hardwoods to start and either matched or had a space that felt better with a different covering.

I'm doing my second flip with vinyl planks. The first was a duplex and I thought landlords might appreciate the durability. The current one is a SFR - but I think the plank is preferable to the carpet that was in the living and dining rooms. I would never rip out real hardwoods and would probably never install wood laminate. When I built my own house we paid for real wood - but it doesn't make sense in the price point I'm operating in on my flips.