What would “Rich Dad” say about this 2 Trillion dollar package?

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The Virus is terrible and I am all for turning this thing around. I am just curious to know if this Stimulus Package was a good “business” move to reboot the economy and is this how “rich dad” would handle the situation?

I wouldnt be surprised if Kiyosaki starts laying off staff ala, GO BIG OR GO HOME guy.

Other than his BOOK stuff, Kiyosaki has made bad call after bad call.

Wouldnt be surprised the WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER line is tweeted.

This is a great question.  By no means an expert, but I love the podcasts both on BP and Rich Dad.  I would think "Rich Dad" would reiterate their love for investments. The kind that might ebb and flow in value but still build your wealth.  I listened to the 3rd episode of BP/Real Estate Rookie podcast today.  Awesome stuff! While I'm still admittedly stuck in analysis paralysis. They were talking about how if you can purchase an investment property and have some backup cash on hand this could be a good time to invest.  The need for backup cash in this case is primarily for the possibility of vacancy or deferred payments longer than expected during this hard time while people are required to stay home and many needing to find new jobs.  

That said I agree with @Sean Mac if you get an answer from them let us know!