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Hi BP nation,

Just curious if we have many Greenville investors here. Would be curious to here some opinions on the current market there.

I am from Ohio and have been in Greenville for about a year. I own six units in Ohio and I am ready to start investing in Greenville, but prices are much higher here. What are some strategies to find cash flowing rentals here?

@Trevor Dominique Hey Trevor. Local agent investor here. The rental market is still strong. I still see a lot of interest for people looking for places to rent on local fb groups. More people looking for houses to rent rather than apartments.

I also see quite a few potential on the open market with fixers. Some wholesalers with pretty good looking deals on the investor groups.

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Hung Nguyen Realtor

Hi @Trevor Dominique . Another Greenville investor here. I'm in the middle of the rehab phase of my first BRRRR property here in the Sans Souci neighborhood. I think things here are still pretty strong and there are still good buying opportunities if you know where to look.

Originally posted by @Sharon Gillespie :

I am a local agent investor. I just purchased a property in the Sans Souci area and see opportunities there. The Taylors and Mauldin areas also have good opportunities. I think that downtown will continue to appreciate, especially if you are looking to buy and hold.  

 Hi Sharon, 

Thanks for the response. Just curious, could you elaborate on why you think downtown area will continue to appreciate? Any big projects coming around downtown in the next couple years that you have heard of?

The city and county are spending a lot of money on infrastructure upgrades in Greenville to ensure that future development is possible and can continue at its current pace. There is new construction popping up all over the downtown area in every tiny crevice possible. Older neighborhoods are being flipped. Old abandoned mills are being bought up and turned into condos. There are new hotels, mixed used development, plans for a new conference center, a new park in downtown and lots more. 

@Sharon Gillespie hi Sharon, I’m in the process of looking to relocate to Greenville. I’m doing a 1031 for one if my properties and plan on also purchasing a primary house as well. I’ve been seeing a lot of decent looking houses in nicholtown, however some of the street views seem a bit rough. I was told that there is a lot of opportunity for str in the area. What are your thoughts. I’m looking for good rental areas and safe neighborhoods. Also what are thoughts on buying a fixer upper? Are there a lot of competent contractors in the area that will get the job done and won’t charge a fortune? Sorry for the long wonder message.


Hi Kevin,

Nicholtown is a transitional area. It is in the middle of a lot of change and is turning but it may take a while. There are lots of great contractors in the area but most are very busy right now. I'm sure you can find a few that are happy to take on new projects but you may have to call through your list to find them. There are many fixer upper opportunities all over the county. Many houses in desirable areas were built in the 50s and 60s so a lot of opportunities! Consider the schools that the homes you are looking at are zoned for. Many Greenville buyers buy in specific areas because of schools.

@Trevor Dominique

Downtown is exploding - Greenville Online just posted an article and listed many of the bigger projects. I shared the post of my a Facebook feed so you can also find it there.

To level set expectations, Greenville especially downtown is not really a cash flow market. If you want to buy long term rental holds, I believe the approach should be - buy houses that will pay for themselves but provide very little cash flow. The payoff will be in equity growth.