Tips on Creating an Investing Website

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Hi everyone, I am starting to look into building a website for my real estate investing business. I have zero clue how any of that works, so if you could inform me of the process that would be very helpful. I would like to have a personalized website (not like Wix or Squarespace) that you don't just fill in the blanks. I have my domain name and was wondering the price range and also who you guys used. Thank you for your feedback!

I never used it, but I heard good things about carrot. The cheapest plan is $50/m.

@Christian Walker , the website speed download is important for the RE investor site. You are right to avoid a slow site builder like Wix or Squarespace.

Read more in the article "How to increase website conversion up to 100 times"

I recommend using TypeSetterCMS for REI website:

The slogan of TypeSetterCMS  is "The Faster and Easier CMS". This CRM is free, it does not require a database. You pay only for hosting.