18 year old trying to get financing

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18 trying to get pre aproved for a loan

my experian fico score 8 is 675

i make 5-6k a month

i have around 15k cash 

8 months of history at current employer

3 years of total employment history

any tips before i barge into the bank and they run my credit and i take a hard hit for no reason

Hi @Zachary Gwin , sounds like you have a solid start, don't let your age play a negative factor in you getting started. I know @Zeke Liston got started when he was 18 and before he has turned 19 he now has 8 units. I believe this is because he was confident in his ability to make money through real estate.

Thanks @Steven Wilson ! It seems as if you're on to a good start @Zackary R Drago . Before you apply for a loan I would talk to the lender and be upfront with them. You're likely going to need a co-signer. If that doesn't work out look into private money and hard money. 

@Zack Drago your best bet would be to use an FHA loan with only 3% down. FHA allows you to have less then excellent credit, less then great income, and still qualify for a loan.

Some downsides are you have to pay PMI, as well as the property has to be in somewhat good shape.