Ideas for 1031 in 2021

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Hi! Who is looking at a 1031 this year and what are you looking at trading into?  I'm thinking of taking advantage of the hot market but then have the dilemma of where to go next. Just curious as to what other investors are thinking? Investment strategies? I'm actually looking at raw land as an option for the first time ever! Thanks, Cj

Hey @Cj Powderhorn , here's a quick sampling from what some of my recent clients have been looking at exchanging into.  The driving factors seem to always be

- bloated residential prices in every major city (hard to buy)
- uncertainty about office space and other commercial options (not sure if buying is smart)

Assets we've seen considered 

  • DSTs
  • Raw land (ranchland and solar fields)
  • Mineral rights
  • passive TIC interests, usually with NN or NNN long-term leases and big-name tenants (CVS, 7-Eleven, Dollar General, etc)
  • cooler residential markets, such as in Indiana, Missouri, and Arkansas