Florida markets to invest in?

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Hi @James Courim ,

What market startegies are you interested in using with these investments?

As previously mentioned, Cape Coral may be a perfect fit for an investor looking for huge short term gains/appreciation, or short term rental income. However, if you're looking for a more traditional long term hold with great growth potential and the best returns in the immediate area, Lehigh Acres will be best. If you're looking for long term holds in lower C class areas, multiple parts if Fort Myers have those to offer as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions, and I would be happy to help!

@Rik Patel Biggest driver for new construction in that area is cheap land acquisition costs, lots can very readily be found in developing areas for $5-10,000. Even in the more developed and higher rental demand areas, you'll see prices as high as around $25,000, which still isn't bad for the general area at all.

Other than that, Lehigh offers the best returns balanced with still purchasing in a B+ class neighborhood, both for new and existing properties. Obviously existing properties are going to offer the higher immediate returns, but I still have a lot of people purchasing new construction for the benefits that that offers as well, coupled with the high rental demand and pricing for the area right now!

Hey James, I am interested in learning about investing in the Florida real estate market as well. Ive been using some software to help me learn about different areas but I feel like nothing can substitute actually living there for a while.

@James Courim Florida has many different markets within it. I suggest you narrow down what type of homes you want to own & rent out. Some helpful questions

What type of neighborhood do I want to own in?

Who do I want my idea tenant to be?

Do I care about appreciation or just want cash flow?

What price range?

Do I have friends or family close by?

Best of luck! 

Charlotte county is halfway between Sarasota and Ft Myers.  If you are looking for water front and a long term play, I would start there.