Looking to build a team in SC...WHO'S IN?

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I am looking to make entry into the South Carolina market. I am located in San Diego, so i am looking at building a local team to succeed with me.

I am targetting SFH from 100-150k, with traditional financing, looking for long term cashflow.

The goal is to build a portfolio of 3-5 properties in the next 2-3 years.

I am looking for a local agent, property manager, and financing.

Please reach out!

Zach Babich Brown

@Zach Babich Brown we have a really good Facebook group for local investors you should check out, as well. It's the Charleston Area Real Estate Investor's Club. We also host a pretty big monthly meetup, but we don't have any kind of satellite option for those for out of state folks. That group is called REI Central.