Mobile Homes Market

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BP Community,

Could anyone offer any thoughts on if the mobile home market is a viable market for REI?

I'm a new REI, focused presently on wholesaling and looking to diversify into buy and hold short term rentals within 2 years. I'm in the Western/Upstate NY market and assume I'd be looking at alternative markets that are more mobile home oriented.

@Quincy Baker Like anything, mobile home investing requires a lot of time and studying to research the niche. It will take time to learn your market and find what works for you, as in other area in real estate investing. Though, it can work. 

I've been in this niche for over a decade. I've had my ups and downs like any other business. Though overall, it has been quite profitable.

If you're just starting out, you may want to read a few books on the subject. From there, study and learn the market. Figure out what route you want to go (i.e. build up cash, generate cash flow, etc) and start off with a small deal. Then adjust from there. 

Many who are successful in real estate have found success through a lot of trial and error. You just need to try a few things out. See what works and what doesen't work for you. And learn from your mistakes. 

Hope that helps!