FSBO-anyone has experience, tips or strategies?

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Thinking about selling a triplex quickly without going through traditional way of realtor + MLS. Any advice is appreciated.

The market is hot and a REALTOR will expose it to more buyers than you could possibly do on your own. Homes listed by a REALTOR tend to sell faster and for a higher price, plus you'll have an expert capable of negotiating for you, protecting your interests, preventing scams, complying with the law, and much more. Selling FSBO works well . . . until it doesn't.

But, if you insist on going it alone, just list it on FSBO.com or Craigslist or Facebook and I'm sure you'll get lots of interest. A title company or attorney can provide you with contracts. Title company can't give you advice, but an attorney can (for a fee).

Good luck!

I would argue that now is the absolute worst time to try to sell a property without the experience and expertise of a professional. But if you insist on wasting your own time, you might as well just go on Zillow and list it there.

Consider a flat fee MLS listing (~$100-$200), which gets you on the MLS and all major websites. Get a transaction coordinator (~$450) to make sure your paperwork is in order. Offer a market rate commission to the buyer agents. Review all offers and see which nets you the most with the least headaches.

Most buyers have an agent, but a flat fee listing (depending on the listing agreement terms) will give you the flexibility to accepting an offer from an unrepresented buyer without paying any commissions. 

Thank you all. I guess we shall be calling realtors. Could you advise me what are the questions you’d ask realtors? This would be the first time selling.