Door County Wisconsin

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Hello,  Is anyone currently investing in Door County Wisconsin?  What is the market like there? Have prices appreciated significantly in the last year? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks Marty

@Martin Fletcher

Hello Martin. I grew up in Green Bay and now live near Milwaukee. I own property on Lake Michigan that I am going to build on but the lumber prices have put that on hold so I have been looking to buy land or rentals.

I studied the Planning department meeting minutes for Sturgeon Bay and Egg Harbor so far for the previous 10 years. What I am seeing are lots of condo projects and mixed use over the last 5 years.

I am curious to see if supply outstrips the demand or if the supply makes more people visit Door County.

I have also seen a change in mindset of these planning departments from stringy, “don’t like change” mentality to more open and flexible.

As far as prices, I feel that they increased proportionately to everywhere else depending on location (of course). The more walkable the property then the more demand.

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Second home sales have been up 43%, prices as well - pandemic related. Door County is a summer destination for locals. Most businesses close in the winter.

You can invest everywhere and make it a success, but I would favor primary residences over optional vacation housing. If you like the area then invest in Green Bay or the Fox Valley, otherwise Milwaukee - the (smaller) capital Madison is a lot more expensive. 

@Martin Fletcher I'm currently in Door County doing some boots on the ground research. I live in Madison which is about 3.5 hours away. I have found the STR ordinances are changing to become a little more restrictive in some locations i.e., minimum one week stay.

I'm a real estate Broker and have contacted a few agents here seeking some local knowledge. I will let you know if I connect with someone who I feel can guide me as a remote investor.