New Market Investing in Hillsboro Texas

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Howdy all from Waco, McLennan County, Texas

I'm looking to expand my horizons a tad and considering other markets. I typically view most cities along I-35 as a safe bet but I was wondering if I had any Hillsboro, Tx investors on here. Any insights would be appreciated! Any one local I'd be happy to buy a coffee or lunch with!


Hey Robert,

Hillsboro could have some appreciation potential as residents continue to populate central Texas. One of the biggest concerns I have for the town is the lack of industry and businesses that will compel people to move there. The outlet mall was a big draw over a decade ago, but now it sits mostly vacant. 

I do have high hopes for improvement plans from the new City Manager Megan Henderson. She did a great job helping develop Downtown Waco and East Waco while she was here. I hope that Hillsboro grows in the right direction. I know it will be a slower moving process just like Whitney. FYI Financing deals up there can be a little bit more difficult due to lack of comps and banks not doing a lot of businesses up there due to it being more rural. 

I was just in Hillsboro and Whitney last weekend. Still looks the same as 2 years ago when I was last in that area. Hillsboro looks like there are still dead spots there. I have been traveling through now for about 20 years. On the other hand, Whitney has grown a little bit in the last 25 years. If I were to invest between the 2 it would have to be Whitney and probably near the lake.