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Business Consolidation Loan Up To $250K; Payoff Existing Debt and Save

Business Consolidation Loan Up To $250K; Payoff Existing Debt and Save Money Daily or Monthly; Free Consult!!

Covid-19; The Global Pandemic and 2021 has affected us all in one way or

another. The hardest hit have been the American Business Owners we all love

and serve. Their revenues have dropped but their debts and liabilities have

largely stayed the same. Even essential businesses struggle with accessing the

materials and products they need to complete jobs. Manufacturing delays can

cause a "cash crunch" and added stress during these uncertain times.

What relief can these business owners get?...and from where?


• The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has ended as of Aug. 8th, 2020 and

any new rounds of SMB funding talks have been halted with Congress on leave

until Mid-September.

• Struggling Business Owners are not qualifying for the Loans or Funds they

need even with Alternative Lenders and Funders.

• Uncertainty in the economy, local state & county shut downs have left

business owners not wanting to take on additional debt they may not be able to


• Reverse Consolidations don't work; a product that tries to mimimc a

consolidation loan. Reverse Consolidations simply hurt these business owners

because the original debt isn't paid off, in fact their debt is doubled,

leaving them potentially vulnerable.



• Terms from 2-10 years

• Lower More Affordable Minimum Monthly Payments

• No Pre-Payment Penalties

• Broad Business Types: Any "For Profit" business eligible

• 90+ Days Time in Business

• 25% Minimum Ownership Percentage

• Any Valid FICO eligible (600+ preferred)

• In 30 of 50 States (not in all 50 states).

Whats NEW:

• Consolidation amounts up to $100k, and as low as $3,500

• 0% Net disbursement requirements- A True Consolidation

• What we save you in payments "added back" to our qualification


• Payoff 1 Funder or 10 Funders; the # of balances is irrelevant- it's more

about the actual outstanding $ amount owed

• Money left over? No problem; in some cases we can payoff and net

borrowers the difference; giving them both relief and cash out

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