Posted about 3 years ago

4 Reasons Why is Building Rapport so Important On Real Estate

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Having ‘people skills’ is super important whenever you work on sales and marketing, and even more important when you work on Real Estate, since you have to work with clients directly and make them trust you, like you and connect with you in a short span of time, especially if you are doing cold calling or getting your clients through the phone before the first meeting, in this case, you have limited attention and limited time to see if you can get a client to feel a connection with you, and in this particular blog post we are going to go over the reason why you have to make this skill a priority in the list to grow it to be the best it can be.

Let’s start with definitions on what Rapport is, is basically what you can gather from a person on a first encounter, how they act, they react, so you can read their body language and hear their interests so you can draw up conclusions and know how to best approach them, this is a rather fast process and it all happens in a matter of seconds, some people know how to do this by heart, however, most have to develop it through experience and time, it’s a tough one to learn, but once you do it it’s the best skill and a time saver!

1- Makes you a people person!

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If you know how to build rapport and make yourself accessible, then you have a higher chance of people wanting to connect with you faster than you thought before! It’s as if you build a magnet around yourself and it works wonders, but the best reason for this, is how easy it will be for your potential client to reach your goal of liking you, trusting you and connecting with you, it starts with an easy going voice, not aggressive but inviting, a smile on your face, and open questioning, give them enough wiggle room to rant and vent, and use it to your advantage to direct them towards what you want to know to know how to do your business pitch.

This helps networking a lot in places like events and seminars, if you are willing to reach out and be candid, people will do the same back to you, it’s one of the best ways to do the connections you need and get out of your comfort zone, you never know who will be your way in to the hidden gems, and great investors.

2- Confidence!

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Building rapport helps a ton with your confidence, it’s kind of hard to put yourself out there in the first place, but knowing key points of a good read will help your confidence at making conversations. This doesn’t melt away the fear of making mistakes, but it gets you to be at ease, since you have already built a base with your potential client of trust, mistakes can be just a part of being a person, and make you more likable, one thing we would recommend is to be knowledgeable about what you are talking about, and recognize a mistake after it’s being done, because knowing what you said wrong, acknowledging it, and correcting yourself, it’s not the end of the world.

Being confident is not something that happens out of the blue, and if you’re not feeling confident enough, don’t worry, fake it till you make it, the more you put yourself out there the better you will get, when you least expect it you have met everyone and made a good impression on them all! Building rapport is also something that happens on both sides, they are also reading you up as you do the same, this will help you out a ton so you will know how to present for what they are looking for!

3- Lengthy conversations!

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In this business, time is precious and more importantly, taking advantage of the time you have is highly necessary, and through building rapport when you have one on one conversations with your potential clients you’ll be able to get good answers if you know what you’re looking for, and having more information will result in you have an easier time knowing how to connect with your client, now, this doesn’t mean you have to speak with your clients for an hour, but you do need to be very precise with what you want, and let them talk as you listen and take notes on what you’ll be able to do for them.

Take this time to ask as many questions as possible, and make sure they are open, a yes or no question will not get you further into knowing your client and make sure you are open enough as well so that they know you are listening to them, make quick comments to help the conversation to move along, and most importantly listen to what they are saying, the information you collect will help you immensely in getting business moving!

4- Trust!

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When you work in this business, trust is a form of transaction, you have to trust your client and they have to trust you, by building rapport you have to focus your ideas into that, you are solving your client's problems, you are making the process easier, and they have to trust you, so it will all depend on how you present your ideas in a timely manner, this might take you a few calls to get fully, but it will be something that will give you a sense of how the rest of the deal will fly by!

Earning trust won’t be easy, but it will be something you’ll learn to work on more and more each time, don’t worry if you mess up a couple of times, there’s always a next one, and with practice you’ll make perfect, until you are the king or queen of rapport, so you’ll know exactly what your clients need in just a few minutes of talking to them!

Just as any skill, this is one you have to create a habit out of, and it will take time, but once you got it down, nothing will stop you from growing!