Posted 6 months ago

The Secret to a Healthier Life: Regulate Social Media Use

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The best things in life are truly free! From spending quality time with family and friends to enjoying a hobby that you love, there’s always an opportunity for us to be happy. Sure enough, being in a constant state of happiness allows you to live a healthier life; a life that’s free from stress and fear.

However, society today gives plenty of reasons to be unhappy. One of these reasons is the fact that technology is making it harder for us to lead healthier lives. Although it has improved the way we work and the way we interact with each other, technology only worsened stress. Because of the fact that we get finish a lot of work in a day, we push ourselves to work even harder beyond our capacities.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t work hard, but we have to make technology work for us. You may not like to hear (or, in this case, read) what I have to say, but I think we should learn to limit our social media use.

You might think that it’s outrageous, but let me point the reasons why you need to put a cap on your social media.


Scrolling your Facebook newsfeed is a great way to relax, especially when you want to reconnect with friends and talk with your family. You can also know what other people are doing recently. However, if you spend too much of your time browsing, you are actually missing out on work that needs to be done urgently. It’s important to remember that you have goals and you just can’t achieve them when you’re distracted all the time.


Fake news has been a very controversial issue recently, and we can find a lot of them on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Although these social media giants are doing what they can to stop the spread of fake news, it remains difficult for people to differentiate what’s true information. As a real estate investor, I am always careful whenever I see a piece of information being shared.


I only go online when I want to feel inspired. I’m lucky to have friends who share motivational quotes and videos. You can get a great deal of positivity from social media. But like everything in life, social media has a dark side. Apart from optimistic people, you will also find people who want to spread their negativity online.

Now that we know the bad side of social media, let’s look at how we can use it positively. For this, make sure you use Facebook and Twitter in securing a healthier life.

1. Search for valuable information

While you’re browsing your social media, make sure to find the information you can actually use. You can get tips and how-to’s that will help you understand a difficult concept or learn a new skill.

2. Get motivated

Follow or like pages that can give a motivational impact in your life. Search for quotes and watch videos motivational speakers who can give you everything you need to become much better in life.

3. Stay connected

Social media is always a great place to build valuable relationships with other people. So, aside from connecting with your Facebook friends and groups, you will also need to spend time with people who can be your long-term partners.

I hope these tips can help you get a better understanding of using social media for a healthier life.