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SECRET #1 Secret Formula That Will Change Your Real Estate Marketing


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I Know! The title of this post could be a little bit weird. How could this be a secret right? "It's BASIC stuff" You may say. Well believe it or not, even when everybody knows this! no one DOES IT! Simple as that.

You know the #1 mistake people make when it comes to advertising online or any other media? They try to sell to EVERYONE. Which is what I consider a waste of TIME, MONEY and EFFORTS.

You know the #2 mistake people make when it comes to advertising in general? They still think that TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPER, FLYERS and sharing some BUSINESS CARDS will help them to get more clients, leads, sales, fame or what ever their goals are.

We all know that that stuff DOESN'T work anymore. People's attention has changed to the NEW STUFF "INTERNET connected devices" where they can have access to whatever the HECK they want in a few CLICKS.

If you don't believe me... Where are you reading this post right now?  Your Smartphone, Tablet or PC right?

You were not waiting a TV commercial to hopefully give you the information you needed.

You came here to BiggerPockets because you know that this is where YOU CAN GET WHAT YOU WANT! and guess what? is accessible THANKS to the INTERNET.

Internet is the place where you want to be in order to be found by the people who need your help as a REAL ESTATE investor.

Maybe someone can't no longer make the mortgage payments?, or maybe someone's house had an electrical issue that caused fire and they don't have the money to pay for their repairs? and worse! their insurance don't want to cover the damages.

What if a couple is getting divorced because "whatever their problems were" and they just want to sell and walk away as fast as possible?

What about inherited properties that people don't even know how to handle?

Guess what? they will GOOGLE it to find help! and BOOM! there is where you want to be!

But HERE is the First TRICK! You don't want to Advertise to everyone REMEMBER?

Identify the WHO?


Who do you want to serve?   Who do you want to work with?

Once you know the answer we can move on to the next steps of the process.

There are a lot of software out there that can help you to know who your ideal clients are.

We don't want to try to get everyone, we just want to reach the people who is interested in working with you!  

WE (you & I) do that by targeting people based on their characteristics that fit your criteria as YOUR IDEAL CLIENT

Let's say that you want to solve the problem of a couple that is getting divorced and they just want to sell the house as soon as possible.

Well, in order to get DIVORCED you have to be MARRIED in the first place right? It make sense!!!

And if the main problem is a home they bought together that they want to sell to split the money and walk away, well they have to be HOMEOWNERS right?

Also!  probably they have to live in some city, town or whatever of certain state right? Let's say TEXAS (Because I live in Texas) 

We have a ton of valuable information that many people don't even use when it comes to advertise. This is SIMPLE but powerful that no one wants to do.

So we have Jason & ANNA getting divorced because he didn't want to cut the backyard grass after 100 time she told him to do it. He got pissed off and now they want to sell their home located in Houston TX to finish the separation process.

I bet there are a lot of couples like Jason & ANNA all across the U.S

This takes us to the next step of the process. 


Where can you find these guys? Well, they are everywhere and the only way to find them is through the internet! because no matter what they do, where they hang out or where they are! Almost everyone in this planet have a Smartphone in their hands with internet connection.

Now, I'm going to be using FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE as tools to get your message out there to your IDEAL CLIENT. Because those are the ones I've been aware of that bring the most of the results.

So now that we know WHO your ideal client is, we can create personalized ADS running on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with these characteristics:


ADS Targeting parameters:

  • People who is in a relationship (Married)
  • Homeowners
  • People who live in Houston TX
  • HECK even we can target by Neighborhood if you want to!

Once we know where to find them we need to know the right approach! A BAIT!

What am I going to give them in exchange? 

What is the value I will provide for them?

Let's move on to the next step.


At this moment I want to tell you that not everything is easy! You have to be willing to provide value first in order to get people to KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU and TRUST YOU.

So you have to give something valuable. It could be a video explaining all the things they have to do in order to accomplish their goals (In this case, providing all the information Jason &  Anna need to sell their home as quick as possible the best way)

Could be even a more advance advice in a CD, or a book.

This BAIT has to be something that you IDEAL client WANT now! to alleviate some pain (In this case  selling their home fast)

Once they find you! and if you were the GUY who gave them the most valuable information, guess who they will trust more?

YOU? or the guy who put a hanging flyer in their door knob saying "I BUY HOUSES

Honestly! They don't care if the GUY buys houses! maybe the flyer was hanging in the wrong DOOR in the first place!

Off course they will trust more in you.

But once you have their attention....  NOW WHAT?

Let's move on to the next step, shall we?


Final step!

Once you were able to capture peoples attention and once they have trusted in you. Now what?

Well you have to be a PRO in delivering what you promised in the first place. They want to give you their business because you offer them help no one did!

Try to give as much value as possible and make their experience as pleasant as you can. Because who knows? Maybe they are going to be the ones that bring you more business in the future.

Its all about the relationships you build in the process.

The Internet and all the technical and strategical stuff is only a way to make the process as easy and fast as possible.

This is the end of this post. I hope you liked it.

Share it and comment so we an help more people!


  • Find you ideal client (WHO?)
  • Find the way to find them (WHERE?)
  • What are you going to give them to Know you Like you and Trust you? (BAIT)
  • Give them the best RESULTS you can.

See you in the next post!


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  1. Hey Mario,

    Very simple stuff, but it's true that most of the people just spam when they advertise. Would have been great to get a deeper real estate approach of the methodology, like examples of what type of bait works better for real estate an the like (from your previous experience.



    1. Hey Luis! Thanks for Your comment. The process is the same in every industry what changes are your personal goals, Then we just plug them in the system.

      I want to help you, Let me know what is the main thing you want to accomplish and we can design your personalized plan.

      you can send me messages.

      Sincerely mario