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Why Is Real Estate Competitive? Because Everyone Advertise Like This..

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(Earth-shaking revelation...) Themselves!

They only care about themselves, they only care about the products or services that can do something beneficial for themselves. 

They will choose something instead of other options because they think "this one thing" is going to make their lives better, happier, more fulfilled, etc.

What a revelation! Isn't it?

Well! It seems that nobody pays attention to this GOLDEN principle when it comes to advertising.

Just look around!

When was the last time you bought something because you got so excited about a product you heard about on the radio?

When was the last time a TV commercial made you swap your credit card to buy a nice set of knives and other amazing kitchen utensils?

When was the last time you stopped in the middle of the freeway to write down the phone number posted on a billboard? (If you had a chance to even read what it said)

I don't even have to ask you this... I'm just going to guess.

90% of your direct mail ends up in the trash can.

And the mail that actually makes it and stays in your table is just because are bills to be paid.

Almost every single piece of advertising out there is about "me, me, me, me!" , "We, we, we!"

We do! We have! We are! We have 50 years of experience! Look at our amazing results! About us! This is who we are and what we stand for! Because we are..!

And the list goes on.

When it comes to Real Estate what do you see?

Be honest.

What do you see everywhere?

What is everyone doing to get some deals?

What is everyone doing to get more leads?

What is the preferred method of advertising Real Estate Investors use?

When a Real Estate Agent whats more listings or sell more houses what do they use?

If in your head you could only imagine a bandit sign or a guy/girl professionally dressed with a nice smile (hand-crossed)   Then we are in trouble!

Have you ever heard, "Oh, Real Estate is so competitive!"

I agree until a certain point.

But it seems even more complicated than it really is because everyone is using the same strategy and using the same message to advertise over and over again!

People that really need help from Real Estate individuals get confused!

Everything looks the same...

"Who should we trust?" they ask themselves over and over again.


Here's the deal!

You want to apply these principles right now when advertising yourself as a real estate agent or investor.

There are 8 scientifically proven foundational "DESIRES" that are hard-wired in our human biological nature.

Our brain responds to these desires without our consent.

We can't escape from these impulses!

If you use these principles you can change your advertising and as a result, dominate your market. 

(Why? Because nobody is using them. Hurry!)

That means people will see you as somebody that finally understand their needs and desires...

Making you the best option for them when trying to sell their home or to buy from you!


Here they are:


  • Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension.
  • Enjoyment of food and beverages.
  • Freedom from fear, pain, and danger.
  • Sexual companionship.
  • Comfortable living conditions.
  • Be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses.
  • Care and protection of loved ones.
  • Social approval.

What do you think?

Do you want all those things?

Or you rather choose not to have them?

When some of these needs seem to be threatened by the outer world, humans tend to do whatever it takes to fulfill them.


DESIRE #1 Survival

If someone with a sharp knife is running after you trying to kill you, would you stay there waiting to be murdered? 

Of course not! You run or you fight! but surely you don't stay there waiting.

DESIRE #2 Food and drinks

I'm really sure you are not you when you are hungry! What happens when you don't have anything to eat or drink?

Imagine yourself walking helplessly in the middle of the desert, crusty lips, red damaged skin as a result of intensely hot sunlight exposure for long periods of time.

There's no water anywhere and not even a cloud in the sky. There's no food! not even a single desert kangaroo rat to hunt. 

There's nowhere to go! You can't find the right direction.

There's only hills and hills of boiling sand! 

You are hungry and thirsty..!

Do you like that? Of course not!

You want to be at the beach drinking margaritas under a nice fresh shadow.

DESIRE #3 Freedom from fear, pain, danger

Who would love to go to the dentist and have an entire procedure without anesthesia?


That would be the scariest thing in the world to experience!

Teeth pain is one of the worst things you can ever imagine! and even worse when the dentist is using his/her drilling little artifact that makes that annoying drilling sound!

All of a sudden you start looking at little white pieces flying out of your mouth and a nasty bone-burning-like smell starting filtering through your nose.

The scariest experience I ever lived!  and painful.

I bet you wouldn't love it!

DESIRE #4 Sexual companionship

This is self-explanatory!

Would you like to stay home watching Netflix all day by yourself eating ice cream and depressed?

Or having the guy/girl you love next to you, hugging you, kissing you and... Well, you guys can decide how the rest of the story ends.

DESIRE #5 Comfortable living conditions

Would you rather be homeless struggling day by day, holding a sign asking for a dime, suffering weather inclemencies such as extreme heat or freezing cold?


would you rather be living at a nice home with everything you need, from AC/H to a comfortable bed, food in your kitchen, internet, and luxury cars in your garage?

DESIRE #6 Superior, winning!

It's alright to lose sometimes right?

but who the heck like to lose?

Do you like it when that guy approaches your girl and starts flirting with her?

What did you feel just by reading it?

who did you think of when you read it?

Or girls! Do you like it when the cheerleader is flirting with your guy?

of course, nobody likes it! You don't want to lose or feel undervalued.

You want to be the one and only!

DESIRE #7 Protection of loved ones

A car is coming really really fast! it seems to be decontrolled.

Your son/daughter is playing on the street with a football that bounces directly to where the car is heading to.

What would you do?

Would you let your child die?

DESIRE # 8 Social Approval

Do you want to be successful in life? If so, why?

Why do you want to have money?

Why don't you just settle for little and live a limited poor life?

It's ok, nobody is going to judge you.

Do you like this?

I bet you don't.


If you agree that all of those human desires are hard-wired in your brain as well then we are on the right path.

Every human being responds to these principles.

It's all about themselves! Remember?

People only care about themselves. And it's really interesting to see that the 8 DESIRES are all about themselves.

Not about you or about me!

It's all about them. Period.

So if you are an investor or a real estate agent, don't just say "I buy houses"

Don't just say "Sell your home fast"

Don't just say "We close quick"

Don't just say "I've been selling homes for 20 years"

Don't just say "I'm the best agent"

Don't just say "Your best option"

Use the 8 DESIRES to communicate your service to your audience.

Show them that you care about their:

  • Their Security by showing them a video of the neighborhood (survival)
  • Their pleasures by showing them nearby restaurants or stores (food & beverages)
  • Their Peace of mind by helping them stop foreclosure (freedom from fear, pain, danger) 
  • Their Relationship by showing them how romantic the master bedroom looks  ;D (sexual companionship)
  • Their Comfort by showing them the nice features of the house and how happy they will live (Comfortable living conditions)
  • Their Goals by helping them to get the best home in the neighborhood (Superior, winning)
  • Their children well being by showing them the schools they will attend and the places the could go without worrying about gangs or crime (Protection of loved ones)
  • Their Reputation by being professional and keeping their financial situation private. (Social approval)

There are too many ways to use these human DESIRES in an ethical way to create EFFECTIVE REAL ESTATE advertising and to help genuinely your clients.

While differentiating yourself from the Real Estate competitive herd.


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