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The 6 Marketing Resolutions Every Real Estate Investor Should Make

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Looking to do more deals in 2022? Then it starts with solid marketing practices that stack on top of each other to create a marketing machine… A machine capable of bringing as many deals as you want.

For some real estate investors, that marketing machine needs to bring in motivated sellers who are looking to get rid of their challenging house; for some real estate investors, that marketing machine needs to bring in cash buyers who want to acquire a property at below-market prices; and for many real estate investors, that marketing machine needs to do both—bring in motivated sellers and cash buyers to automate the deal-making process.

No matter what kind of marketing machine you need to build for 2022, it’s all about building best practices that turn into habits to create consistent, scalable results.

These resolutions will help inspire you and keep you on track for a strong start this year:

#1. “I Resolve To Identify A Target Audience And Speak To Them”

A lot of investors focus on “anyone in distress with a burdensome house”— and it can feel like the volume of potential supports that. However, narrowing your focus to serve an ultra-specific audience that you can uniquely serve will help you do more deals.

Who are your best motivated sellers and where did you find them? How can you double-down on that audience even more to get more of those best-fit sellers?

Set a task in your calendar every quarter to review this audience and decide how you can clarify it further.

#2. “I Resolve To Be Different Than Others In My Market”

If you’re in my world for very long, you’ll hear me shout this often: you need to be unique to separate yourself from the pack. Look, there are MANY investors in nearly EVERY market, so it’s easy for motivated sellers to be overwhelmed by choice.

Stand out to be noticed and heard. Lead with your expertise and more of the best-fit sellers will actually come to you!

#3. “I Resolve To Streamline My Marketing So I Build A System And Follow It”

Too many investors use the spaghetti-against-the-wall method of marketing. They throw a bunch of stuff at the market and hope that some of it sticks. That’s an expensive and effort-intensive way to market. A better way is to think of your marketing like a sequence, and you build steps in this sequence to move people through. Not only does this cut down on effort and expense, it also gives you a ton of clarity into where the challenges are.

The best way to build a system is to start at the end and work backwards. So, start with signing the deal with the motivated sellers… what is the bare minimum that you need to do that before that? And what is the bare minimum that you need to do before that? (The goal is not to ONLY do the bare minimum but to start with the bare minimum and build from there.) This simple-yet-counter-intuitive approach can make your marketing SO much simpler and more effective.

#4. “I Resolve To Follow-up With My Prospects”

This is an area that I see a lot of investors struggling with, so it’s a perfect goal to set for the next 12 months. Follow-up!

If you’ve ever sent postcards to one group of people but only heard crickets back, that doesn’t mean the list is dead… it may mean that they aren’t ready yet. Don’t move on to a different list, follow-up. Switch up your marketing and speak to the same audience again. The studies vary but research shows that a person needs to see your marketing between 4 and 17 times in order to move forward.

Therefore, set a resolution for the next 12 months to actively follow-up multiple times to the same audience and you should see better results because they start to recognize you.

#5. “I Resolve To Track My Marketing”

A benefit to marketing as a streamlined, systematic sequence (see #3) is that it gives you the ability to measure your marketing and track results. (Compare this to the more common approach of just throwing everything you can at the market; it’s too hard to see what was effective).

When you start with a simple step-by-step sequence, you’re able to see the effects of each step on the step that follows. For example, if you’re doing one post a day in Facebook and suddenly increase it to two posts a day, does the results in the next step increase significantly? If not, it may not make sense to continue doing twice the work when one-post-a-day worked just fine.

This approach only works when you keep it simple and pay attention to the numbers. So, once you have built your simple step-by-step sequence, put the sequence into a spreadsheet and track the numbers.

#6. “I Resolve To Scale My Marketing”

The last resolution is to scale your marketing. This is really what separates the aspiring/wannabe/one-deal-a-quarter investor from the ones who grow the business into an empire. Once you build a system and track it, then you can figure out how to duplicate it.

The tools for this step include templates (so you can easily repeat your work), systems (like checklists or software), a team (perhaps a VA or a marketing coordinator).

You can’t keep doing your own marketing over and over forever and hope to build a business. If you want to grow your business, you need to grow your marketing by making it automated and easily repeatable.

So, the first step to following through on this resolution is to create your streamlined marketing sequence and then build templates for each step… and then plug those steps into a system (like a checklist or software).


2022 is just around the corner and there are exciting opportunities ahead for investors. If you want to do more deals this coming year, the secret is not to just do more of the same as 2021 but to adopt better marketing practices with these 2022 Real Estate Investing New Year’s Resolutions.